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Weekly Program Description

Our weekly classes focus on teaching students real world tech concepts like software engineering, web development, and user experience design. Our project based classes progressively take students from learning basic coding concepts to advanced software development. During our classes students learn concepts that include wireframing, information architecture, web development, Agile project management and the LEAN methodology.

We accept students of all skill levels between the ages of 5 to 18 years old.

Locations, Days and Times

Graduate Hospital - Marian Anderson Recreation Center, 740 S 17th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146 - Thursday Evenings (5 - 6pm) and Saturday mornings (10 - 11am)

Mt. Airy - Coming soon…

North Philadelphia - Coming soon…

West Philadelphia - Coming soon...

Registration Information

Parents can register students for our weekly classes on a rolling basis and as long as there is space available the student(s) can start at the time of registration. If there is no space available at the time of registration, the student(s) will be placed on a waiting list based on the order in which their application was submitted.


The Registration Process


Create an Account

Create an account with Coded by Kids by clicking the "Register" button above, and then selecting the "Register" link. With this account you'll be able to log in, edit your information and view your child's progress.


Complete Registration

After creating your account, you will be redirected to our online registration forms. Complete both forms, there's one for both you and your child. These must be complete before your child starts a Coded by Kids program.


Receive Confirmation

Within 48 to 72 hours you will receive a registration confirmation. Your registration confirmation will let you know if there is an opening in class. If there isn't an opening you will be placed on the waiting list.


Confirm Start Date

Once you receive an email confirming an opening in class you will be required to confirm your child's start date.

Other Programs

Summer Camps - Please click here to view our upcoming summer camps.

After School Programs - We do not have any upcoming after school programs at this time. Please check back.

Info for Volunteers

Current Coded by Kids Volunteer Roles

Class Coordinators - Class Coordinators are a key part of classroom management. They support our instructors by assisting with several tasks, such as: onboarding new students, providing parents with information, setting students up with new projects, and conducting digital literacy assessments.

Volunteer Coordinators - Volunteer Coordinators are responsible for supporting our growing team of volunteers through orientations, training sessions, and onboarding. They are master organizers who enjoy public speaking as well as paying attention to the details.

Volunteer Instructors - Our Volunteer Instructors are tech superheros who may find themselves teaching a 9 year old javascript in one class and giving a 17 year old guidance on pursuing a career as a developer in the next. The technical concepts that Volunteer Instructors teach include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, wireframing and version control. We are currently looking for instructors that can teach coding and/or design.

Event Ambassadors - Event Ambassadors are the people who tell our story to the outside world and help bring in new members to our community. Ideal Event Ambassadors are people who enjoy going to events and networking. They attend events throughout the City on our behalf to help spread our story and increase support.

Why Volunteer With Us

Our dedicated team of volunteers is key to our success and the driving force behind the impact that we have on Philadelphia students. Your commitment directly affects the lives of Philadelphia students by giving them access tech education programs and mentorship.

Becoming A Coded by Kids Volunteer

To become a Coded by Kids volunteer please complete the volunteer application form. After completing the volunteer application form you will receive an email from the Coded by Kids Volunteer Coordination Team to schedule a class visit. The class visit gives you the opportunity to learn more about what we do and allows our staff to learn more about you.

After your class visit, if accepted as a Coded by Kids volunteer, you will be scheduled for a volunteer orientation (held on the first Saturday of every month). During your volunteer orientation you will be provided with all necessary paperwork and will be provided with assistance in completing the required background checks.


Info for Educators

How We Can Help Educators

Are you interested in running a coding program at your school? Coded by Kids can help you to either design a program that is run by your staff or implement a coding program at your school run by our highly-trained team of instructors. Please contact us to learn more about these options.

Perhaps, you’re just interested in learning more about coding. We provide training programs designed to help educators understand coding and how to implement it in the classroom. Please contact us to learn more about one of our coding programs for educators.

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