Project Based Tech Education Programs For Children

Partner With Us

What kind of organizations do we partner with?

Partnerships with organizations that range from traditional schools to tech startups are critical to our success. We currently partner with schools, community organizations, nonprofits, education management organizations, faith based organizations, tech companies and non-tech companies with significant tech operations.

What kind of partnerships do we look for?

Curriculum development - To ensure the latest tools, processes and technologies drive our curriculum we partner with tech and tech enabled companies that are willing to use their domain expertise to guide us in the curriculum development process.

After school or in school program delivery - Coded by Kids partners with elementary, middle and high schools to provide project based tech education programs to their students. These partnerships allow schools to incorporate our education programs into their curriculum, ensuring they are teaching the latest technologies and tech industry best practices.

Community driven program design and delivery - Coded by Kids works with community driven organizations that range from youth sports teams and nonprofits to faith based organizations to design and implement education programs for their communities.

Internship and apprenticeship programs - We continually look for opportunities to place our teenage students into internships and apprenticeships. These programs enable our students to supplement their educations with real world experience.

Are you interested in partnering with us?

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