CBK In Action

Student Projects

How to Art

How To Art is a creative, fun website made with the intention to enable users to explore new art styles and reach their full potential as artists.


Spacely is a website that helps people who are interested in the Solar System learn more about it. This website provides brief and images of each planet with easy-to-understand information for younger students.

Project Tesseract

This website is intended for anybody that even has the slightest interest in Rubik’s cubes. It is intended to teach everybody from beginners to even the most advanced speed cubers out there.

Tech Bytes

This website was made to help people find reliable tech news without the hassle of going through all the websites. It updates with rss news from xml documents within fifteen minutes of the article being made.


Wavy is a website about oceans that teaches people little known facts about oceans. It goes through facts about the Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic and Indian Oceans – all in a clean and easy way.