This list of helpful resources can help students continue their exploration of web development - even after your Coded by Kids class has ended!

Tutorials & References

🆓Free Code Camp

Videos, articles, and interactive coding lessons.

(www.freecodecamp.org) [Free]

🆓W3 Schools

A repository of knowledge with references, tutorials, and exercises. (www.w3schools.com) [Free]

🆓Khan Academy

Computer programming courses (intro to HTML/CSS, JS, etc.). (www.khanacademy.org) [Free]

🆓The Odin Project

Courses in web development, resource and reference guides, projects. (www.theodinproject.com) [Free]


Coding lessons, tutorials, projects in multiple languages. (www.codecademy.com) [Free/Upgrade to paid for additional content]

💰Code Avengers

Lessons & Quizzes. Free 7-day trial period (www.codeavengers.com)


Learn how to code using emojis instead of tags to build websites. Free 14-day trial period. (www.codemoji.com)


Uses programming ‘blocks’ to build games and teach. Guided learning, tutorials, independent game building. Paid subscription. (www.tynker.com)


Online learning platform that provides coding lessons and tutorials in multiple languages. Free 30-day  trial period. (www.lynda.com)



Create projects using ‘Blockly,’ a programming language that stacks commands like legos. (www.scratch.mit.edu)[Free]


Play games using ‘Blockly,’ a programming language that uses drag-and-drop blocks to stack commands. (www.code.org)[Free]

🆓/💰 CodeCombat

Use real programming languages to play an adventure game. Students learn how to write functions in order to control their ‘hero’ avatar. (www.codecombat.com)[Free/Paid for additional levels]

🆓CSS Grid Garden

Website that teaches you how to use CSS grid through game-like atmosphere. (www.cssgridgarden.com) [Free]

🆓Flexbox Froggy

Website that teaches you how to use Flexbox through game-like atmosphere (www.flexboxfroggy.com) [Free]

🆓Codin’ Game

JavaScript (and beyond) coding game challenges. (www.codingame.com) [Free]


JavaScript games and lessons. Free 7-day trial. (www.kodable.com)

💰Light Bot

Puzzle game based on coding (sequencing, overloading, recursive loops, etc.) Available on the App Store (Apple) or on Google Play (android). Light version is free.



Coding challenges (kata) in a variety of computer languages. (www.codewars.com) [Free]


Create games using Stencyl’s game creation software. Unlock additional features through paid version. (www.stencyl.com) [Free]


Useful website for those doing interview prep for tech bootcamps or tech job interviews. (www.coderbyte.com) [Free]