Coded by Kids uses project-based education and mentorship to equip underserved and underrepresented youth with the skills and support needed to succeed in a tech-driven society.


To give every child equal access to the education and mentorship they need to become the leaders in the tech industry.


We are a community of innovators harnessing the power of technology.
Our diversity and inclusivity make us great.
Curiosity and creativity are at the foundation of all of our programs.

What we do

We teach students ages 8 to 18 how to CREATE, not just consume technology. Students leave our classrooms with projects they can show off to family and friends, and a skill set that they can use throughout their lives.

Why it matters

Just 10% of employees across some of the largest and top-grossing tech companies are Black or Latinx. In our hometown of Philadelphia, that number is even lower--just 6% of all tech employees come from underrepresented groups.

We need to do more to make sure every student is aware of the opportunities in tech, and has the skills to pursue those opportunities. By making tech education accessible to all students, we can transform the future of the tech industry.

How We Do It

Dynamic Curriculum
We work with tech industry leaders to develop a rigorous, project-based curriculum that teaches our students the skills tech professionals use every day.
Strong Partnerships
We partner with schools, nonprofits, local governments, and other organizations so that we can make sure every child has access to a CbK program in their school or neighborhood throughout their K-12 education.
A Dedicated Community
Dynamic and engaging instructors. Committed volunteers. Forward-thinking industry leaders. Passionate parents. Enthusiastic school administrators and educators. Talented and fearless students. The CbK community is as vibrant and diverse as we’re making the future of the tech industry.

Our Impact

23 Program Locations
632 Students Served
1952 Volunteer Hours
80% of Students
report they are considering careers in tech after participating in a CbK program