Student Projects

From creating websites to startups, take a look at a few of the innovative projects our students have built. 
Team Power Puff Girls
Learning that 80% of thoughts are negative, Queena, Sarah, and Andrea created Lumina to help Gen Z challenge this negative thinking and embrace positive self-reflection. The AI-powered journal aims to uplift and empower youth while combating negativity and overthinking by seamlessly integrating into their daily lives and building healthy journaling habits that foster positivity.
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Philadelphia Emissary
Team Texas Rangers
Seeing the problem that many people are unaware of what goes on in their local government on a day-to-day basis, Priyal, Nabilah, and Sultan created The Philadelphia Emissary. A one stop place for all the information you need regarding local politics in Philadelphia, the website's goal is to give people access to unbiased and easy to understand information. Their hope is that the website will not only be educational, but will inspire community involvement and activity.
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Vision Vault
Team Good Fellas
Hoping to empower content creators to conquer creative blocks and free their inspiration, Daniel, Reginald, and Bashir created Vision Vault. This AI-powered website  and public forum generates highly personalized and accurate video ideas while fostering a supportive community of collaborators and knowledge-sharing to amplify YouTube success.
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Brain Wave
Team Star Platinum
Seeing students like them struggle with time management and busy schedules, Ayan and Hanane created Brain Wave to help them balance school, their social lives, and what they are passionate about. This student oriented app allows the user to practice mindfulness along with assignment tracking in order to stay calm and organized.
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Team Power Rangers
Hoping to help GenZ students like them, Arafat, Islam, Jala, and Demilade created Synergy - a job finder app. Knowing how hard it is to find a job with limited work experience, their app hopes to empower young people and help them get a head start on their careers. By connecting workers to opportunities that meet their needs and making the application process easy, Synergy stands out by prioritizing the needs of GenZ.
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Team FYI
Tackling the problem of making healthy eating easy and accessible for their busy users, Margareth, Leonard, and Jack created Fuze.  The app uses AI to help those with different preferences, health goals, restrictions and more to create personalized recipe matches for their needs.
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Kobe Y.
Focusing on music and sound, Kobe’s project Byosemble uses a responsive 3D environment to take the user on a journey of their choice - to create or learn. The interactive environment allows the user to learn about the history, mechanisms, and roles of different instruments. They can witness firsthand the impact that each instrument has on music and gain a deeper appreciation for the art form.
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Go Green Philly
RoshikNagaSai P.
Wanting to give attention to recycling, RoshikNagaSai created Go Green Philly so people could learn the basics of the process. In addition to including a searchable catalog of what can and can’t be recycled on the website, he also included a forum for users to share creative ways to re-use items.
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Jack Z.
With his website Sign-ify, Jack aimed to educate the general public about deafness and hearing impairment. Hoping to break the communication barrier between the hearing and deaf communities, he utilized machine learning technology to provide an interactive experience where the user can practice fingerspelling ASL letters. By doing so, Jack hopes to foster a more inclusive and understanding society that accommodates those with hearing loss.
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