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We equip underrepresented youth with the tech skills necessary to transform their lives, guiding them from their first line of code all the way to their first startup.
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We don't level the playing field,
we change the game.

We can increase the number of underrepresented people, in leadership roles in the tech and startup space. We can accomplish this by providing underrepresented people with a combination of rigorous education programs, support programs, access to resources, and access to capital.
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Our programs are offered FREE of charge for all students, regardless of age or skill level.
From the basics of coding to the complexities of building a startup, our programs equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey.

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"One of my favorite parts of CBK and its programs is the diversity that you’ll find everywhere. In an industry like tech, it gives me a lot of hope when I’m surrounded by people that look like me or share similar experiences.



“The [CBK] program is a standout because of the structured multi-year model and commitment to shepherding interested and underrepresented persons to tech leadership."



"My involvement with Coded by Kids has been amazing. I met so many friends along the way and created a lot of relationships… with students who are like minded with me and wanna get more into tech."



“CBK is a very unique and special program in the fact that it brings so much opportunity to students to delve into technology in a way that I don't think they get a lot of opportunities to in the classroom.”



"Coded by Kids has given me a different point of view about what I can do with my future... This experience pushed me far beyond what I expected."



“I feel like as a developer, I grew in two aspects, development and communication…CBK gave me a foundation and now it's time to blossom from it.”



"I think what's really special is that [CBK is] transformative. It's not only about teaching students how to code, it's about creating leaders."



"CBK has given me connections, mentorship, & shown me I can do more!"

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With CBK, students have access to a growing community of carefully selected mentors that provide exposure to perspectives, experiences, and mindsets that they won’t find anywhere else. Help us build a better future by giving underrepresented youth the skills to own their share of the tech economy.
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