February 16, 2024

Learning to Lead: Amadin

Amadin's journey with Coded by Kids showcases his growth from a student to a mentor and the steps he is taking to become the next tech startup founder.

At Coded by Kids, our ultimate goal is to provide an environment that not only equips our students with technical skills but also cultivates their leadership abilities. Amadin, one of our exceptional students, serves as a shining example of this philosophy.

Beginning his journey with Coded by Kids in high school, Amadin participated in the 2019 Ctrl+Shift coding competition. His team secured second place with their project "Spacely," a tool that simplifies the process of accessing space-related information.

In 2022, Amadin returned to join the Tech & Innovation Internship, a program that not only provides students with real-world work experience but also helps them establish connections and explore the possibilities of tech. Reflecting on his experience, Amadin expressed that the internship was a game-changer for his career. Throughout the summer program, he experienced tremendous growth, refining his technical and innovative thinking skills. Saying "as a developer, I feel that I have grown in two key areas: development and communication... CBK provided me with a solid foundation, and now it's time for me to flourish."

In 2023, Amadin transitioned from being a participant to becoming a mentor, offering guidance and support to the new cohort of Tech & Innovation interns. “The transition has been a rewarding and transformative experience,” Amadin explained.  “As a former intern, I was fortunate to have gained valuable technical knowledge and skills, as well as personal growth. My goal was to teach those same skills to another cohort of young passionate developers.” 

Since graduating in 2023 from Penn State University with a degree in Computer Science, Amadin has been working at Coded by Ventures, CBK’s startup studio. At CBV, innovative ideas are brainstormed and developed, with the potential to transform into thriving standalone startups. In this role, Amadin combines his technical skills and entrepreneurial spirit to craft solutions for complex problems, all the while immersing himself in the world of venture capital and startups.

“CBK was a massive stepping stone in showing me what the VC industry is and how great companies are born from it. Through CBK, I feel closer than ever to turning my goals into a reality."

What’s next for Amadin? His long-term aspiration is to be the founder of his own tech startup, an environment he has grown to love over his time with CBK. “I'm the kind of person who thrives on challenges,” he says. “When the path ahead isn't clear and the chances of winning seem slim, that's when I really get going.” Not only does Amadin want to be a founder for the thrill of tackling problems, he also wants to give back to his community and make a real difference in the world. “My ultimate goal? To leave a positive mark on the world and support those around me every step of the way.”

When asked how Coded by Kids has helped him towards these goals, Amadin said that CBK has been instrumental to his personal and professional growth. "The organization has not only provided me with invaluable experiences and skills but also instilled in me a deep sense of gratitude and purpose," he said. "I truly believe that CBK is one of the best organizations out there, and I'm proud to have been a part of it."

"To the entire CBK community, I extend my heartfelt thanks for your unwavering support and for illuminating paths that lead to greatness. Your influence has been a cornerstone of my journey, and I am eternally grateful for the doors you have opened for me and many others."

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